Roses in NYC

When buying Roses in NYC life can be at times a bed of roses. There is no place in the US that can boast such a unique selection of imported roses like New York City. At Heather Floral you will always find the best of the best.
Imagine that all you have to do is think of what you want to say and say it with roses, or rather with a color of a rose that corresponds to that which you want to express.
Rose Lingo – Some Colors and Their Meaning
Red Roses – When it is time to express Love, Romance
Pink Roses – Use them to express Appreciation and Gratitude
White Roses – Send them to convey Pure intentions, Spirituality, Renewal, Sympathy
Orange Roses – The expression of Passion and Enthusiasm
Yellow Roses – In Celebration of Joy, Friendship
Lavender – Fascination, Majesty, Luxury

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